Buying the bang not the buck!

I was watching television in Cyprus the other day and was surprised when an advert came on for Cadbury’s Flake – I don’t know if it is the same where you live, but we don’t see the flake adverts very often in the UK any more. Anyway it followed the usual formula, beautiful, sexy woman eats a flake like she’s having sex and the words of the jingle overlay the whole.

“only the crumbliest, flakiest chocolate tastes like chocolate never tasted before”

While I watched the ad it got me thinking about the marketing of what, to all intents and purposes, is a cheap bar of chocolate that can be purchased in almost any shop selling sweets. And as I mused, that oft quoted phrase ’sell the bang not the buck’ came to mind.

Of course what Cadbury’s are doing is selling the ‘bang’ (you too can be fantastically beautiful, sexy and wealthy if only you were to eat Cadbury’s Flake) and not the ‘buck’ (it only costs a few pence, cents or dimes to buy).

So, what is the ‘bang’ of your product? Try selling that instead of concentrating on the price (the buck!)

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