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I write about a lot of different topics, but it’s all from the perspective of ‘life, the universe and everything’, and my deeply felt belief is that we all have an extraordinary power to change our experience of life.

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So, each week I will send you my ‘message in a bottle‘ newsletter that links to the latest blog post/s and the latest YouTube video. This usually comes out on a Sunday but may be another day, depending on what’s going on in my life circumstances at the time.

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I don’t expect anyone to accept what I say or necessarily agree with me so, if you want to ask a question or share a different perspective please feel free to do so, I have changed my mind about how life works many, many times over the course of my lifetime and no doubt will change it again a few more times as I continue.

Comments are always open on every post and I’m happy to get into a debate as long as it’s done from mutual respect for our differing views.

My thank you gift to you

As a thank-you, you can download a free copy of Hysteria 3. In it you’ll find the ten best entries, including the winners, from each category of the Hysteria Writing Competition – flash fiction, poetry and short stories; as well as advice from our judges about how to enter and hopefully win a writing competition yourself.

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If you shared the date of your hysterectomy when you signed up, AND you’ve had surgery within the last 6 weeks then you will start to get the daily recovery emails based on your date.

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I am very much looking forward to sharing and talking with you in the coming weeks and months.

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