The user adoption handbook

It’s very easy to think of user adoption as simply ‘IT training’ with a few extra bells and whistles. In fact, in my experience most enterprises tend to think of it as more like the full-stop at the end of the sentence that says ‘we’re going to rollout XXX technology ..’

The unfortunate thing about that approach is that it fails to address the changing face of the workplace and it ignores the changing face of the technology itself, which as those of us who have been working with it for some time now know is a regular feature of always on, SaaS product suites.

Don’t get me wrong though, although I believe good user adoption is the key to a successful implementation. In fact, it’s not the only key – after all we are talking about a complex technical environment as well and these two facets need to work hand-in hand. But, if you only focus on the technical, there will come a point at which your senior executives will ask exactly what value they’re getting from the not inconsiderable licencing cost, and this is where my user adoption handbook could just be the thing to help you create a true digital revolution in your organisation.

So, over the coming weeks and months I’ll be creating an index of the articles I write here and elsewhere to help you plan and deliver an outstanding user experience. I’ll be following my brand new IMPACT model for digital change and transformation. And, if you aren’t sure what that is, then you can check out my first post about it later this week.


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