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74 thoughts on “I’d Love Your Feedback”

  1. I am in my 6 week post op and during my recovery I would rely a lot on this site for information and concerns I had. I found this website a life saver as the hospital did not give me much information. I enjoyed reading my emails every week as they pertained to what I was going through at the time. Thank you soo much!

  2. I am seven weeks post op radical hysterectomy and the email where very helpful and insightful and are helping me get over each hurdle. Thank you. ??

  3. Really great service….I am 4 weeks post vaginal hysterectomy and the daily update via email has been really helpful. Thank you !!!

  4. I am so pleased I found this fabulous resource for information and support. I am waiting for my pre-op and op date and have found the daily emails really helpful. I became a full member and have already read the 101 Hints twice and have made my husband read it too! The forums are nicely busy with lots of support and real experiences to help prepare me and my young family for the recovery challenge ahead! Thank you πŸ™‚

  5. I have found the whole website and daily emails So supportive during my post op time !! I am now in week 4 recovery from a total abdominal hysterectomy ! I have also suffered an infection in the wound and needed another stay in hospital !!! Being able to read my daily emails I could always related to my experience !!! Thank you x

  6. I found this website while researching for a hysterectomy back in February 2016. I was able to find information to allow me to make an informed decision about my health. Today 2nd May 2016, I am 10 days post op from a Subtotal lap assisted hysterectomy, I find myself still reaching for the threads in the forums to help me to be prepared but also know how to deal with pain of constipation (not glamorous). Shortly put, this website, your Facebook page information and the forums Have been a lifeline to me

  7. I am still waiting for my operation near the end of May and I feel so much better informed than I was, especially from the ‘real women’s’ experiences and advice. I think the biggest issue for me, and maybe for others, is wondering if what we are thinking or worrying over is important, or is it something we should ‘bother’ the doctor about. Certainly my prolapse symptoms were something I just felt embarrassed about and thought I was the only one managing them the way I was! What a relief to discover I was not alone – but I had had so many appointments with physios who wanted to talk about their issues and I was too embarrassed to ask if I should be concerned about my other problems. If I had only done a bit more research I would have realised how common my symptoms were and I might have been able to have more meaningful conversations at an earlier stage. I feel more confident now to ask whatever. So thank you again for all the help and support you provide.

  8. Hello Linda,
    I would like to say a big thank you for your daily emails.
    I had my hysterectomy with the removal of my ovaries and fallopian tubes on 16/01/16.
    I did not know what to expect about the recovery process and these emails really helped me and put my mind at ease by knowing what I was going through and feeling where normal. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is going through this.
    Thanks again.

  9. Like many others i found this site during a desperate day about a month after my op,i cannot believe just how much all the info you can find really helps,when i feel as if i am getting it all wrong there is always some one else who can help and it always does help and makes me fell human again!!
    the tips and advice are awesome,this site has stopped me feeling worried and alone as i donot have friends and family i can talk too.
    keep up this wonderful work and thankyou so very much to all who give their time to make it happen.

  10. I had my pre-op assessment yesterday and am due to have a total vaginal hysterectomy and cystole repair on 1 September. I am aged 68. The nurse has given me a bowel prep sachet to use the day before surgery and also four bottles of carbohydrate drink to have, two the day before and two three hours before my operation. The information given me with these drinks says that they are to assist with fast recovery after the operation. Is this something new that my consultant is trialling? I have not seen these mentioned in any of your forums. I will let you know how I get on! Thank you for all the information that I have learnt from your website and in 101 Tips for a Happy Hysterectomy. So far, I have found the recovery schedule and what I may expect during the first six weeks after the operation very useful, and having shown it to my husband, it has been a wake-up call for him. He is now getting rather nervous about the amount of cooking and caring he will have to do when I come home! So am I, as he’s not a ‘new man’ by any stretch of the imagination! Interesting times ahead in the Fisher household I think!

  11. Thank you for the support and information. An excellent service which provided comfort.

  12. `Hi , I found this website whilst researching in preparation for my hysterectomy. It is scheduled for 26th May, and it has been invaluable to find out answers to questions . Although my consultant is great, and he has done thousands of operations, I still had loads of questions, which you have been able to answer for me. Your tips have been invaluable and I will be putting these into practise in a few weeks time. I will let you know how I get on. Many thanks

  13. Hi Linda, I found the website 4 days after I had a total abdominal hysterectomy on 13th April. It has been very useful helping guide as to what I can do and what I shouldn’t be doing. When the District Nurse came to remove my stitches 6 days after my operation, I mentioned to her about the trapped wind and she advised me to get some gripe water, I did and it helped a great deal. Thanks for the support and advice your website has provided and I will continue to use as I get better.

  14. Hi,
    I found your website just before my op, two weeks ago. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy, including ovaries. I found your emails helpful but I was also lucky that I was invited to a group session at the hospital with the physiotherapist before the op. She told us what to expect during and after surgery and told us what we should and shouldn’t do. It was a bit of a shock to us all, just how little we were to do in the first few weeks but I am trying to heed all the advice and rest as much as possible.
    Thanks for the support.

  15. I would like to say a big thank you for the advise I have found on this amazing website. With out it I would have floundered and felt very lost. I had my op 4 weeks ago and you have been far more useful than the conflicting pamphlet the hospital gave to me months before the op.

    I did go and see my GP but was dismayed to find that they had no record from the hospital regarding my hysterectomy and were not concerned about my recovery. They were very busy and just signed me fit for work. All GP’s should be aware of your website and point patients in the right direction.

    You have provided information which has helped me realise that everything I’m going through is normal and helped me manage my recovery.

    I have used your website to help with healthy eating, exercise and generally helping me along the road to recovery.

    I will continue to use the website and tell anyone I no who is going through the same thing about it.

    Thank you


  16. Hi Linda
    I am now six weeks on from TAH BSO and recovering well. Your website has been a god send. I am new to the area where I live and so don’t have many close friends locally and indeed even established friends that I can talk to about my experience as I don’t know anyone who has had this op. I felt very alone and often afraid until I found your site and could read about other women’s experiences and find that what I was experiencing was normal and I was not alone. So a great big thank you for providing a lifeline at a time when I felt vulnerable and unsure. Soozi

  17. Thanks Jackie – your comments are just lovely and together with Beverley’s have really made my day. It’s a real pleasure to be able to support everyone here and I’m so pleased that you love the website as much as I do πŸ™‚

  18. Wow, and what a wonderful way to say thank you Beverley, it’s always good when we hear stories such as yours because it means we are on the right track. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to let us know what you thought πŸ™‚

  19. Hi Linda
    I would like to thank you and all who work with you for a fantastic website. I had a TAH BSO (which I have learnt from your site) nearly 4 weeks ago and have been very surprised how well I have felt. The main problems I have had has been constipation, but reading your site seems to be quite normal with many ladies.
    Thank you again for all the info and the daily emails, I will carry on using the website and tell everyone I know who I think will benefit from it.
    Cheers Jackie

  20. Dear Linda and colleagues
    I am 48 years old and had a total hysterectomy approximately 12 weeks ago. Prior to my operation , the hospital issued a few information leaflets which I read through in order to prepare myself for the op. At this stage, I did not concern myself too much with post operative matters as my general health is good and I am relatively fit. As I expected, I did extremely well immediately post op and was discharged from hospital having spent 3 nights there although the hospital would have been prepared to discharge me after only 2 nights had I agreed to this. In the days and weeks following my discharge I found that my reaction to prescribed medication and the operation itself unfamiliar and this caused me to have feelings of uncertainty . I referred to the leaflets issued by the hospital however, I found some of the information either conflicting or ambiguous. I was shocked to discover that, as a matter of course, I would not be receiving a visit from my GP as had been the case following child birth a number of years previously. I did however, find it necessary to call the surgery a couple of times with concerns and was offered a telephone consultation. It was at this time, about 6 weeks after my op, that I decided to research post hister to see if I could find answers to some of the questions I had and found your website which has proved invaluable. The website is extremely informative and many of the questions I had have now been answered. It has also been very reassuring to read posts from other women who have had similar experiences and to read all the tips. My concerns have been voiced to my GP and as suggested, details of your website passed on which my GP has also found informative and I hope to see your leaflet on display on my next visit to the surgery. I feel the benefits I have received from using the website has aided in my recovery and I would like to extend a big ‘thank you’ to you all for all the help and support offered.


  21. Dear Linda,
    I only found this website about ten days ago – almost six weeks after my total hysterectomy (Womb, ovaries, cervix, tubes). It is helping to provide me with some of the vital information I, and all women, need after such life-changing surgery.
    I left hospital with very little information about my recovery. Everyone in the hospital was very kind and professional and warned me to ‘take it easy’ but when I came home I was very unsure about what exercises and activities I should be attempting. I felt that I needed some information regarding HRT but had been offered none. I was back with my consultant last week and was again given very little information about HRT. I have been experiencing hot flushes since a few days after my operation. When I questioned him he mentioned taking soya and calcium together with Vitamin D and waiting to see how I get on. I don’t necessarily want to commit to HRT treatmemnt but I do feel that I need more information and support.
    Thank you and the wonderful women who sent in information and comments for giving support. Keep up the wonderful work.

  22. Wow, what a wonderful comment and you are very welcome I’m glad we’ve been able to help πŸ™‚

  23. Dear Linda,
    Thankyou for sending me your daily emails in the last 2 wks, I have found them very imformative, I had my total
    Hysterectomy on the 21st April, and coming out the next day, I had no pain felt really well, in the last 2 day’s have been doing a bit of housework, and yesterday had really low back pain with sharp pains, and a spotting of blood,
    with pulling and pain in my tummy. I was really worried and frightened, after looking on your website and forum, and the tips, I know i still need to take it easy, So once again a big THANKYOU X

  24. Thank you Jean, I will try and purchase the book.

    I have bought the ‘lady magnet’ I felt that it made a difference at first but not so sure now but will continue to keep trying.

  25. Dear Linda and co.

    I am very gratefull for your website it really helped to have the free booklet and the daily hints and tips. I had my TAH/BSO on the 12th january 2012 and had help for the 1st week from one of my daughters my husband had to continue to work as i am self employed so no money comeing in from me, to recieve your tip to say think of this time as a gift made me smile, its so easy to feel guilty to have others do for you what you would normally do yourself and its hard not push things too soon, so your tips and the forum is brilliant you know your not alone which helps.
    thankyou so much.

    Jean xx

  26. Hi Angela
    I have just bought the book “the new natural alternatives to HRT” tried to buy it from the shop at the hyterectomy association but it was sold out , got mine from amazon cost 1p ! plus postage it was used but in excellant condition it is very informative as like you i am unable to have HRT hope this helps.

  27. Wow, thank you for your lovely comments and I’m glad you found us after reading Prima too πŸ™‚

  28. I would like to thank you so much for this invaluable site. I found it by chance after reading your article in Prima magazine 3 weeks after having my abdominal hysterectomy. I found your daily emails full of information and I found the one that stated make this time a gift to yourself really helpful and took this on board. I am now 6 weeks post op and would say it has taken this time to really start and feel a bit normal although I still know my limitations and I am not going to risk overdoing it and pay for it at a later date.

    I have a few tips one is to use a travel kettle for making cups of coffee it is just the right size to fill and pour and to buy smaller cartons of milk that you are able to lift. The other thing is for constipation use Ortisan Fruits and Fibre cubes this is really good and does not pain you as the laxative that I was given on my discharge from hospital.

    The only thing I am not sure on now is information on natural / herbal remedies instead of taking HRT. I am 47 years old and my GP and Consultant do not want me to go on HRT I would be grateful on any advice on alternatives.

    Many thanks again x

  29. I found your site a week after my hysterectomy. As I ended up having an emergency Hysterectomy I did not research it prior to my operation. I was discharged from hospital two days after my feeling quite vulnerable and with very limited information. Everything had been a bit of a whirlwind event and I really did need more information and support. I found you site by chance and think it is wonderful and loved the daily emails for two weeks, I even found myself looking forward to turning the computer on to receive them. I firmly believe all hospital staff should be made aware of your site and suggest patients to look at it to see if it is for them. I am now six weeks post V hysterectomy and have returned back to work as a Specialist Nurse. I am quite tired at times but feel great to be getting my life back to normal. My only question now is of a suitable exercise regime as I previously exercised three times weekly with weight classes and step etc. I have found no information on if there is anything I should completely avoid and just going by trial and error until I see my consultant which is not for over a month. I have tried Zumba and have enjoyed feeling like im getting back to normal.
    Keep up the amazing work with the site as I found it a true God send x

  30. You’re very welcome Wendy and thanks for such lovely praise – it’s always good to hear that we’ve helped in some way πŸ™‚

  31. Thank you Linda and all the team for such a lifeline. Like a lot of others, I didn’t discover or register with you until after my hysterectomy, pelvic floorrepair and tvt. How I wish I had! Your info is so much more relevent and in-depth than anything I managed to prise out of any of the gynae team and your daily e-mails really helped me in my physical and emotional recovery from surgery. If only I had the chart earlier both my family and I would have known what I should have been capable of at each stage of recovery. I am definitely going to print off your poster and ask my GP if he’ll display it. All women need to know how to access your service!
    Thanks again xx

  32. It is like a pouch of skin that can occur over an abdominal scar and is caused where the two sides are stitched together – it can look like a little pot belly πŸ™‚

  33. Please define a term or give info: hysterectomy potbelly. Asked the doctor and he said he had never heard the term????? Thanks.

  34. We are all given 6 weeks as a magical date and it rarely is. The pins and needles are associated with healing and may continue for several months but they are a good sign. As for the anxiety that will be associated with something else so I’d suggest you talk with your GP.

  35. Had tah op 4th aug inc rem of ovaries due large cyst + appendix with tumour attached and part tummy flap.luckily all proved benign. 6wks up thought all would be back to normal but not happened .exp anxiety [bad] sharp like pins-needle not continuous. have had 6wk check and disharged now how long can i expect these symptoms to last? very concerned about the anxiety/depression attacks.

  36. Thanks a lot 4 all de mails u sent me within the past two wks. I had my hyeterectomy & cystocele repaired on the 21st of June 2011. T was a vaginal procedure & it was suceessful. I stumbled into ur web address a few days after my surgery. Glad to let u know that de tips I got from ur mails helped me overcome my fears, cos they helped me return to my nomal life. It made know am not the only woman who has done this surgery.

  37. You are very welcome Bocho and thank you so much for your absolutely wonderful comments. It’s always a pleasure to know that we’ve been able to help when women need it most. πŸ™‚

  38. Dear Linda and Co.
    I had my hysterectomy 4 weeks ago. I discovered your website 2 weeks after my opp and have found it invaluable. I really appreciated your emails. Just when I was feeling low, bored and guilty that I should be doing some housework, I received an email from yourself. The email told me to see this period as a gift to myself. It completely changed my frame of mind and my recovery has come on leaps and bounds, thanks to this email! I also found reading the comments on the forums very useful. I often spent hours reading the forums! 101 Handy Hints for a Happy Hysterectomy is a brilliant book which everyone who has had a hysterectomy must buy, it was worth every penny! Everyone who is having a hysterectomy should be made aware of your website. Thanks for all your help and support!

  39. Aw shucks Melissa, it’s lovely to hear that we’ve been able to help you so much and even better to hear that you are a ‘different person’ too – it certainly comes across in your writing.

  40. Dear Linda and friends:

    I had my (total) hysterectomy in October and your reading your site, the booklet, the forums helped me prepare.

    I feel like a different person – and in a good way! I am fitter, stronger and happier than ever, and all my friends and family have commented on how much better I look and more relaxed, content and confident I seem. Thanks to your site, I did not fear the operation or the recovery, or after recovery. I would have been very anxious about some of the usual, temporary side effects had I not known that they were usual or temporary! And although I didn’t push myself too hard, I was doing a lot more than I thought was possible from the day after my operation…I had previously thought I’d be in hospital for a week and bed-ridden for 6 weeks or more!

  41. Thanks for the lovely feedback Bernadette and we will be sending out newsletters again shortly so you may find you don’t have to miss us. πŸ™‚ Oh, and I love arnica too – I find it really helpful after the gym!

  42. Dear Linda and co
    I had my hysterectomy and repair three weeks ago, I was discharged from hospital with a packet of paracetamols, an infection and high blood pressure within 48 hours of my operation. To be honest I didn’t know what I should or shouldn’t be doing. I had terrible constipation and was to be honest very concerned!! There was “no need for a follow up appointment” and well meaning people give very conflicting advice. Luckily I found your website by accident and it really made me feel better just reading about other peoples experiences. although I did find the abbreviations confusing! The e mails were really useful too, I wish I had received your “Step by step to recovery” sheet earlier though as I discovered that I was doing far too much too soon. Having it in black and white and written in a down to earth way helped to show other people too the care that I needed to be taking. I think not having a wound to remind me makes others and myself feel capable of more than is sensible.
    My only regret is that I didn’t find you sooner but as I wasn’t expecting a hysterectomy I wasn’t looking for advice !!
    I would definitely recommend your site to anybody having a hysterectomy
    I will really miss the friendly e mails
    Thanks a million
    ps My hint is to take arnica (homeopathic) for a week before the op as it is a great aid to healing

  43. Why thank you Michelle, what a lovely thing to say and it’s great that you think we’ll be there for you and be your friend. It can feel quite isolating when you know no-one else who has had a hysterectomy.

  44. You have given me so much information to help me prepare for my total hysterectomy. It was a shock when the Dr said I had to have one and you have been a friend giving me such sensible and down to earth advice. I know the association will be there for me over the next few months. Thank you

  45. Hi Linda Thank you so much for your daily emails which are helping me each day to understand what is happening during my recovery of total hysterectomy which I had on 14 April 2011. The information is so helpful, and I feel better for it. Many thanks again Rosemary

  46. What brilliant feedback Caroline, thanks and that’s a great tip about doubling it over and one to share with other users perhaps. I hope you don’t mind but I also added it as a review to the shop as well. Linda

  47. I bought a couple of items from the online shop – the tummy band and the support panties – they’re lovely and soft so they don’t irritate the scar area. The tummy band makes an amazing difference, it reduces that feeling of downwards pressure and allows you to walk more naturally – I find it removes the impulse to clutch at my tummy with my hands and reduces the feeling of soreness and pulling on the stitches when I move. I don’t wear it “unfurled” as the website shows it, but double it over so that it’s giving snug pressure around the lower tummy.

    My order reached me in two working days. I did go looking for a similar product in the high street chemists and couldn’t find anything like this!

  48. Dear Linda,
    I have recently done a Hysterectomy(complete) i went to your website and download a book that was so informative, Linda i must say i knew absolutely nothing about this surgery.Well since the 17th of march everyday i look forward to read your hints each day and i certainly gained a wealth of knowledge , this has also helped in my recovery, i am still on my way and i believe i have done well with your input . Thanks a million Linda.

  49. Im having a LAVH with everything removed on 23rd may, and may I say a massive thank you for your e-mails. The web site is invaluable to me. Im not worried about my op any more!! I shall keep reading every day and hopefully i will be able to join in the next week or two, and chat about my concerns and experiences with all the fantastic ladies on the site.

  50. Hi there ,i had my hysterectomy four weeks ago today, it was a full one .i remember when i came round after the operation i said i am not having that done again! I must be the only one that has not had much trouble, though i did think i was never going to stop bleeding for a few days, but that has all gone now, and no pain in stomach,though i do occasionally feel light headed when i go out! but i think that is the after effects. i m getting about more now, but am not doing too much in doors, i have a very good friend that looks after me ,which is hard to get these days! and he is a male, he did all my hoovering ,washing shopping, lifting heavy things ,most of the cooking.
    I bought your book on the hysterectomy which i have found very good, and still refer to it now and again,there is one tip i can give to women that have had this operation; don’t rush into things, take it as it comes the pain will not last for ever if you take it easy,just put your feet up and make the most of it! good luck to you women out there!

  51. Dear Linda & Collegues,
    I thank you for your daily help these last two weeks, some of the hints have been very helpful to me.
    I think it is wonderful that this help is available to women undergoing hysterectomy.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Love &Light

  52. hi there, i had my hysterectomy last Friday the 25th of feb, i went in the hospital at seven in the morning really nervous indeed ,i was put to bed ,all these differet people came to see me asking different questions ,if i had this or that wrong with me ,i said no to mainly everything ,someone checked my blood pressure which i am sure was quite high ,nothing to eat or drink all the morning! i went dont to operating theatre at 1.30 in the afternoon , i did not have a pre med as i do not like the after effects ! i had a epidural in my spine which was very painful indeed ,it was recommended as i would not have so much pain after the operation, the actual operation took two hours , i have a full hysterectionary including a fibroid which the specialist said was getting bigger ,so that has gone now , it was causing me to bleed ,the drs said if i did not have the operation it would get worse,so i hummed and arrd ,.any way its done now , i was up out of bed next day , iwas back home on Sunday, so was only in the hospital 48 hours which is good going.i have beenlosing blood but is easing off now ,and still sore in my belly ,i have my stitches taken out on Monday 7th which will be nice to get rid of them !as it is they are staples not stitches.i feel a bit unwell but that is only natural isnt it ? appetite is not too good ,just do not feel really hungry , but i am eating what i can , a good excuse to lose some weight .the only thing that is bothering me is i keep forgetting certain words ,and how to spell them ,would that be the after effects of the injections i had ? by the way i am 70 will be 71 in April .

  53. Your website has been an invaluable support. I think I was quite knowledgeable about what was going to happen to me before the op, but afterwards I was expecting too much and the various parts of the website have helped me accept what was happening.
    I will make ongoing use of the site to support myseff and others. Many thanks.

  54. Dear Linda and collegues,
    I am due to have my Hysterectomy on the 11th April. I knew a fair amount about what the operation and post-op care would entail as Im a District Nurse and visit patients to provide aftercare and support. However, I didnt know about your website until a friend of mine recommended you. I am so glad she did!!! I have learnt so much and the tips have been so useful and I realise that I didnt know that much at all!!! I feel much more prepared for my operation now and will visit your website regularly after for tips and support. Also, I feel it will help me in my job as I now have more of an idea of what my patients are going through and how to help them. I will defiantly recommend your website to them.
    Thank you sooooo much and keep up your fantastic work.

  55. Dear Linda and colleagues
    I’m very pleased to have recieved your daily emails for the last two weeks,the information given was reassuring and encourageing. I had a total abdominal hysterectomy and it was helpful knowing my limitations and not feeling guilty about what i can and can’t do. I’d just like to pass my thanks on to you and say how much it really helped Elaine Day

  56. Hi Linda and colleagues
    I recently learned that I need a vaginal hysterectomy and repair and so, against all advice, “looked it up on the internet”. How glad I am that I did and that I found you! Your information and advice is reassuring but clear and to the point but with no scaremongering. I won’t be going to theatre for a few weeks but I now feel better prepared and knowledgeable. I live on my own so your clear advice on what I can and can’t do six weeks post op is invaluable as I can now plan the help I need and get my support team in place. (Little do they know yet!)

    Thanks again, best wishes for the new year to everyone involved in your organisation amd all your followers!
    Jane Fraser

  57. Dear Linda and collegues,

    I found your website about five weeks post op and signed up about week 7, and it was really a godsend for me. I had an emergency hista and through no fault of the hospital, there was not much info around. This website took much of the aloneness out of having the operation and the fear factor out of what had happened, and that the ‘tweeks and twangs’ I had experienced was quite normal and not to be tooh harsh on myself with thinking that by week 6, I should be up and back to normal. My only wish was that I had found your website earlier, as the two weeks of daily emails were a fountain of knowledge and had very useful tips and hints. Thankyou for your service, it certainly helped me understand and took the fear out of the post op phase, and hepled me in returning back to the land of the living. It is a wonderful service that you and your collegues provide.

  58. Dear Linda and colleagues,
    I found your website two days after leaving hospital I had a vaginal hysterectomy and repair of rectocoele and cystocoele on the 27th September 2010. I read all of the forums and found them helpful but my lifeline has been your daily emails which I have looked forward to receiving, I have found them to be tremendously helpful and will miss receiving them. I was very fortunate to have found your website. I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for your very helpful hints and tips. I did not receive any information post op and therefore I can’t express enough how much you have helped me during my recovery.
    Thank you again Anna

  59. Hi Marianne, thank you so much for your lovely comments. I have to say it comes as no surprise that you found us ‘after the event’ that is common and although we are recommended by many GP’s, consultants and hospitals we aren’t known by all. However, we do have a cunning plan or two up our sleeves to help us get a bit more exposure. Your suggestion about the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists is an excellent one too and we’l certainly follow that up so thanks. Linda

  60. Dear Linda and colleagues
    I didn’t find your website until 5 weeks after my Total Abdominal Hysterectomy. Maybe that was my fault for not researching on the internet before my op. It would have been useful to know all the informaton available in advance and I’m surprised that my GP / consultant didn’t have a note of your website and could have directed me to it. Do you alert GPs and hospitals to your website? The booklet I received after my op – Fit for Life – is produced by the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health. Maybe they would consider listing your organisation in their References and bibliography section at the end.

    I’m very pleased to have received your daily emails for two weeks. They were encouraging and informative. I will continue to review your website for help and advice.

    Many thanks

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