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cup of tea imageHi, my name is Linda Parkinson-Hardman and I’m the owner (or is it lessee?) of this particular piece of online real estate and that’s me hanging around on the right hand side of the page. And sometime I love to stop and natter over a cup of tea, so why don’t you join me? That’s it, settle down with your favourite afternoon tipple and let’s start a journey into empowerment.

These pages offer you the means to change your world and storm a castle or two. Often all it takes to do big things like this is a little information and the encouragement to have a go. I’m a big believer that we all hold the key to our own destiny in our own hands and as a social entrepreneur I know that a little help and guidance can make an enormous difference.

On this blog you’ll find a whole load of information about hysterectomy and women’s health. You’ll meet some inspirational indie authors and occasionally I’ll share my thoughts and short fiction.

I’m a transformational coach, women’s health advocate, writer, and I love working with people and technology. That’s an awful lot for a Thursday afternoon, but fortunately they are all (sort of) related by the wonder that is the Internet.

I’m passionate about empowering people to take control of their health, well-being and success and I love to know what makes people tick, so why not join me for my occasional author interview – otherwise known as the Thursday Throng

This particular bit of online real estate is where I try to bring the various sides of myself together; it’s where the women’s health advocate and founder of the (now deceased) Hysterectomy Association, melds with the writer and techno nerd, and meets my more spiritual nature; hopefully they all come out playing nicely.

All but one of the books I’ve written or edited over the years has been self published. I began going down that particular route way back in the late 1990’s because, as one publisher put it, there wasn’t a market for books about hysterectomy …. despite the fact that running a niche website with thousands of visitors every month tells me otherwise, I declined to correct him and decided to do it myself.

If you’re willing to have a read you’ll find hints and tips about managing your health, features and updates for writers and you’ll get to see me make an idiot of myself with my attempts at flash fiction. You’ll also find the odd update about other, less tangible subjects and I hope you’ll enjoy them along with the rest.

So go on, why not join me for a while and let’s share a part of each other’s journey for a while. Moral support is great and it keeps you going when you feel the world is against you.

Now, I know that it’s a pain to have to remember popping along to see what’s new, so if you’d like me to alert you once a month to what’s new here, why not join my general mailing list.

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